A Scientific Community


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  • HPEN Mission

  • The University of Chicago High Performance Electrical NeuroImaging (HPEN) Laboratory of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience aims to advance the scientific knowledge of the spatiotemporal dynamics of the social brain.

  • Combining high-density electrical neuroimaging, algorithms integrating brain source localization, noise suppression and boostrapping with high performance computing, HPEN offers cutting edge tools for the study of social interactions and interacting brains.

  • The emphasis is placed on converging resources, sharing data and protocols and integrating scientific theoretical knowledge and methodologies from four main disciplinary fields: High Performance Computing (HPC), Psychology, Psychiatry, Neurology, and Social Neuroscience.

  • The HPEN mission is to create an open access scientific community with new interdisciplinary learning opportunities in social neuroscience, electrical neuroimaging and super computing for scientists, students, and teachers.

    For questions about the upcoming learning opportunity, email hpen@uchicago.edu