Name Title Contact information
Stephanie Cacioppo HPEN Director,
and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
John T. Cacioppo CCSN Director
Howard Nusbaum CCSN Associate Director
George Monteleone Functional MRI Analyst
Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez Ph.D. Student
Ivo Ivanov Gyurovski Ph.D. Student
Elliot Layden Ph.D. Student
Yunzhi Luo Ph.D. Student
Evan Eschliman Research Assistant
Sophia Kierstead Research Assistant
Cameron Martinez Research Assitant
Molly Weiner Research Assistant
Jeff Zhao Research Assistant
Prashant Parmar Former HPEN Reasearch Assistant (2013)
Rebecca Steinberg Former e-Newsletter Editor (2013-2014)
Adina Bianchi Former HPEN Research Assistant (2014)
James Estaver Former Research Assistant (2014, 2015)
Kyle Michelson Former Research Assistant (2014)
Stephen Balogh Former Lab Manager (2013-2014)
Munirah Bangee Former HPEN visiting Student (Fall 2013), University of Central Lancashire, U.K.
Lilla Horvath Former HPEN Visiting Student (Summer 2013) from Max Planck Institute & Humboldt University, Germany.
Konrad Kubicki Former HPEN Research Assistant (2013)